Our guarantee:
Uncle Tant’s lessons about function and quality, about products that work well and endure, have stayed with Charlie over the last thirty-five years. They are evident in the design of every item in our line and are backed by our guarantee and outstanding service. Our fantastic customers, many of whom have been with us for decades, are a testament to our commitment to these principles of good design and good business.
Our products are backed by a fair and simple buyer/seller understanding: If you are not happy with a product because of our failure, we will gladly make it right at our expense, including all shipping charges. You have our word on it. If your product needs to be repaired or replaced because of excessive wear or neglect we will gladly accommodate at your expense (including all shipping charges). If you need help making a product decision or with aspects relating to product use, please e-mail charlie@soprisunlimited.com or call 1-800-767-7479.

Online or phone orders are received in Colorado faxed to a local veterinarian clinic in Iowa and taken to be filled. Once completed, they are often delivered to the shipper on foot or by horse and buggy. Don’t panic: these orders go out in a very timely and organized manner. We just don’t do drones so please plan ahead.