Sopris Rookie Saddle

Sopris Rookie Saddle

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This pack is a light, soft support structure that protects young llamas during training. Sopris Rookie Saddles are sold with Rookie Systems only

The Rookie Saddle is a scaled-down version of the popular Sopris Lumbar Saddle, but comes complete with its own felt-lined cinches, chest strap, breeching and panniers (sold as a system only). Originally introduced in 1996, but recently redesigned along with our Lumbar Saddle, it is now a much lighter saddle with an even better support structure.

Its flexible design and its ability to comfortably support a forty-pound load means it the perfect training saddle for young llamas. It is designed so that the load is supported by the animal’s back muscles, not its spine, and although it is flexible enough to automatically adjust to a wide range of sizes and shapes, the fit of the Rookie Saddle assures that your load will stay in place through any type of packing terrain or performance obstacle.

Two Accessory Straps sewn into the top center of the saddle are used for tying a sleeping pad or bag, trash bag, tent, rain jackets, etc. length-wise between the two cylinders, while a ring at the rear of the saddle is used for tying animals in a string. The Rookie Pack Saddle may be used with either the Sopris Rookie Panniers or the Sopris Intermediate Panniers.

The Sopris Rookie Saddle is constructed of 1680 denier ballistics nylon and nylon webbing, with thick, sturdy shock-absorbent padding built in. Its support structure consists of two nylon fabric cylinders that follow the curve of the llama’s back. The ends are smooth and rounded, and curve up and away from the withers and pelvis. This support structure carries the load on the back muscles and upper rib cage without putting pressure on the spine, withers, shoulders or pelvic areas. When the cinches are tightened, the saddle conforms to the back, keeping your llama comfortable and the load stable.


Support structure length-12 ½"

Vertical clearance: 2"

Horizontal clearance: 2"

Total length: 14"

Saddle weight (including cinches, chest strap & breeching): 2 lbs 5 oz.

It is important for the llama’s comfort that you distinguish between the front and rear of the saddle: The cylinder drawstring closures and the pack string ring are at the rear of the Rookie saddle.

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