Tales of the Trail

Tales of the Trail

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"Tales of the Trail"

"The author delivers on the promise of the subtitle... So whether you’re a llama lover or an adventure freak, sit back and let a master take you on a memorable journey." - Melanie R Forde, of Llama Life II

Tales of the Trail: An Entertaining and Educational Guide to Using Llamas in the Backcountry by Charlie Hackbarth

The stories in this book are an accumulation of more than fifteen years of memorable euphoria in the mountains of Colorado. Most were originally written for Llamas Magazine, in a column called "Tales of the Trail," with the intent of subtly educating outdoor enthusiasts about the use of llamas as pack animals. Photos of forty-eight wax sketches, created by theauthor, illustrate the book's stories and lessons.

Part One is meant to entertain as well as educate. For those of you unable to get into the wild, Charlie hopes he has painted a picture that will take you there in spirit. 

Part Two, with less humor and a little more information, is intended for people who want to learn more about using llamas as pack animals. Charlie's hope is that after you read this section, you will find a way to dump your stressful lifestyle and spend many active days enjoying the wilderness.

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